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I don't want to set up an auto top-up


If you don't want to set up a frequency for your top-up and you want to send it only once, don't worry, just ignore the Schedule button on the Order Summary. If you don't select it, your recharge will be sent only once.



What can I do if the scheduled top-up appears in the Order Summary, but I don't want it?

If you have selected the frequency for an automatic recharge by mistake, but you haven't paid yet, it will appear in the Order Summary. Don't worry, you can easily remove it by pressing on the pencil icon pencil.png

and selecting Clear.



What can I do if an automatic top-up is already scheduled and active?

If you need to delete a subscription that has already been activated, you just need to cancel it from your account. You can see the instructions here or contact our Customer Care team.

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