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How to invite a friend?

Our Refer a Friend program gives you a 20% discount when you introduce a new customer to Ding.


How can I invite a friend to try out Ding?

To be able to invite friends you must have completed 5 successful transactions from your Ding account in the last 2 years. If this is your case, in your account you'll find the Refer a Friend section.





There you'll find your referral link, you can share it with your friends by copying it or clicking on Invite friends.



Your friends will get a 20% off discount on their first top-up when they sign up using your referral link. 


How can I use my discount?

After your friend has created an account and sent a successful top-up using your referral link, you will get a 50% off as well. Go to the Refer a Friend section in your account and find your code and the expiration date. You can use this discount for any phone top-up up to 50 USD



Click here for more information about this promotion. 

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