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How can I redeem a promo code?

If you have received a promotional code with a discount for your next top-up, you only need to add it in the Order summary before the payment is made. Please follow the steps below:


1. Select your top-up

2. In the Order summary click on Promo code.



3. Enter your promo code in the blank space and click on Apply in order to redeem it.promocodeapp4.PNG


 That's all! You will see your discount added to the Order summary.



Please note:

  • You cannot redeem a promo code that has already been used.
  • If you wish to redeem a promo code, it must be applied before you proceed to payment.
  • Please read the terms and conditions to avoid future issues.
  • If you have any problem redeeming the promo code, please contact us.

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