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How to send a gift card?

If you want to send a gift card through the app, please follow the steps below: 

1. Log into your account through the app.

2. Press on the "Buy gift cards" button below the "Send top-up" one, as you can see below:






3. Choose the gift card you want to send (please note that the gift card options available depends on the country you want to send the gift card to).





4. Then, select the country you want to send their gift card to from our list of countries available.





5. Once you have selected the option of your preference, you need to choose the amount (please remember the gift card is only redeemable in the country you have selected previously). 






6. Then, you will be redirected to the payment step where you will find the Summary of your purchase and the payment methods available. 






7. Please, select your saved payment method of preference or, if you don't have any, please choose your payment method and fill out the details of it on the form. 





8. Click the "Proceed to payment" green button and that's it! Your gift card will be sent. 


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