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Do you sell call plans or data packages?

In addition to mobile credit top-ups, at Ding we offer plans and data recharges for some operators.


How can I see if there are any plans available for my phone?

After adding the phone number and selecting the operator, the available amounts will appear. If we offer plans and data for that operator, you will see a new section with those products next to Top-up.

In Top-up you can see the amounts available for mobile credit recharges and in Plans you can see the plans and what they include.


What can I do if there are no plans available?

If the Plans section does not appear, it means that we can only send mobile credit to that operator. In this case, Ding sends the credit to the phone's balance and it's the operator who determines the price of services such as call minutes, messages or data access. If you have any questions about how to use the mobile credit added to your balance, we recommend you to contact the operator directly.

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