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My gift card is not working

If you have purchased a gift card using Ding and you're having issues redeeming it, you can try the following:


Check the redemption instructions. When buying the gift card, you'll see the code and the instructions on how to redeem it, on the confirmation screen. If you have registered your Ding account with an email address you will also receive this information by email. 

Follow the instructions carefully, and if your gift card must be redeemed online, make sure you are entering the code correctly. If your gift card is intended for in-store use, please check the available locations where it can be used.


Make sure the gift card country is correct. If you are trying to redeem a gift card from the wrong location, the code won't be valid. You can check your gift card's country, by reviewing the purchase receipt in the "History" section. The flag displayed next to the gift card name indicates the country it is associated with.


Get in touch with the gift card provider. Since the gift card code and the instructions are shared by the provider, if you are getting an unexpected error you can reach out to them directly. They'll be able to review for you why the code is not working.


Contact our customer care team. If none of the above has worked for you, please contact our customer care team. We'll be happy to review your gift card and assist you further.



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