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How do I send a gift card?

In order to send a gift card, please follow the steps below: 


1. Log into your Ding account.

2. Go to the 'Gifts' section located in the bottom menu on the home page:


3. Then, choose the recipient country from our available list or use the search box:


4. After selecting the country, choose the gift card you want to send (please note that the gift card options available depend on the country you want to send the gift card to).


5. Select the amount you wish to send:


6. Then, you will see the order summary where you can review your order details before the payment is made. 

6.1. For iOS users: you can send the gift card details to the recipient by ticking the 'Sending to someone else?' box. After that, you will need to select the "Checkout securely" option.


Next, you will be redirected to the payment step, where you can choose from the Payment methods available. Select a payment method and click 'Pay now".


6.2. For Android users: select a payment method and click 'Pay'.

Please note that the Android app currently doesn't have the option to directly send gift card details to the recipient if you're purchasing it for someone else. Therefore, you'll need to manually send the gift card information to the recipient.


7. Fill out your payment details and click the "Pay" button.

8. That's it! Your gift card will be created and you'll find the code and the instructions on the confirmation screen.






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